Sense Assembly are looking for an emerging producer to join our team and work on delivering two award winning shows 'NUMB' and 'If Mouth Could Speak'.


The role focuses on the development, management and delivery of our next two projects.

You will work with the Artistic Directors to develop and deliver the company strategy, reach target audiences and seek out and realise  partnerships. You will co-lead on funding, marketing strategy and communicating with venues, rehearsal spaces and educational buildings.

The Projects:

NUMB is a 30 minute play that ends in the protagonist's suicide, after which the audience are invited to come up on stage and improvise with the actors in order to change the outcome of the scenes. It will be playing at Vault Festival on the 1st/2nd of February and Epping Forest College on the 31st of January. There will be a two week rehearsal process at the end of January with a cast of 5 actor-devisers and one Writer-Director.

NUMB is an explosive theatrical event examining our ideas of gender. A reflection on what it means to be a man, and if that means anything at all. Part gig, part play and part debate, NUMB depicts the story of Joe and Alice: two siblings growing up together and breaking apart. It explores the different ways they are treated and the effect that this has on them. A playful yet sobering exploration of current male culture.


The show came as a response to the male suicide crisis in the UK, the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. The piece investigates the role of ‘masculinity’ in this.


Forum Theatre reaches a new level in this radical combination of
physical theatre, poetry and open conversation. 

This show is created in support of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

If Mouth Could Speak  first ran at Edinburgh and Wandsworth Fringe last year. We are now taking it to a new London Venue in late February 2020 for 2-3 Nights. We cannot give full details of the venue publicly as of yet, but it is a 90-100 seater venue in South London. The rehearsal process will be scattered across February and includes 1 Director/ Sound-Designer and 1 Writer-Performer.

Reviews of If Mouth Could Speak:


Accompanied by a searing musical score of deep electronica and jazz, If Mouth Could Speak is a poetic monologue slicing laser-deep into the brain of a young immigrant troubled by suicide. Amidst torrents of beat poetry and dizzying electronics, London becomes a woman whom with Danny unravels the hassle of urban life: sex, pollution, homesickness and isolation. As the night wears thin, Danny's bipolarity intensifies... This is his comatose brain going back and forth in time, coming back to life.


We are looking for someone who can work well in diverse and talented group of creatives to make these two projects happen. Someone who has experience in marketing and producing who can help us reach our target audiences online and offline. 

We are based in North East London (Leytonstone) and are interested in people based in near or commutable areas.

Payment: £550 total

To apply or find out more information please email: