For 'If Mouth Could Speak'

         'An obsessively detailed piece, and an impressive debut for Cobeanu.'

                                                     The Scotsman


For 'NUMB'

Audience feedback

  • 'It was something that I'd never seen affect a room like that...'

  • ‘I lost my brother two years ago. And [..]after your show I called my dad. I don’t talk to him about anything apart from football. But now I call him, every two weeks, and we have a chat[..] I’ve got that new relationship with my dad now.'

  • 'What was so impressive is that people were talking about it in the bar for hours afterwards!'

  • 'It was quite beautiful'

  • 'I just wanted to call up my old man!'


  • WINNER - Creativity Award 2019 - Epping Forest District Council

  • WINNER - Graduate Award 2019 - University of Essex