‘NUMB’ is a dynamic theatrical experience for young adults (15+) , which explores the toxic effects of gender stereotypes. It teaches poignant messages about emotional maturity, mental health, misogyny, and being a supportive friend in adult life.


Through live music, theatre and interactive discussions, NUMB tells the story of Joe and Alice: two siblings growing up together. It explores the different ways they are treated as men and women, and the effect that this has on them.


The show came as a response to the male suicide crisis in the UK – where suicide has become the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. NUMB gives a playful yet sobering exploration of masculinity’s role within this. For young men, dealing with complicated emotions can be difficult, and supporting each other through them even more so. NUMB gives students a chance to come up with real life solutions to this, creating a vital platform for change.

Download the information sheet or enquire at senseassembly@gmail.com

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