Sense Assembly are looking for 1 MALE and 1 FEMALE actors to join the cast of award-winning play ‘NUMB’. 

Playing at Vaults Festival 1st - 2nd February. Rehearsing in the 3rd & 4th weeks of January.

We are particularly interested in hearing from actors from working class backgrounds for these roles.

NUMB is a 30 minute play that ends in the protagonist's suicide, after which the audience are invited to come up on stage and improvise with the actors in order to change the outcome of the scenes. 

NUMB is an explosive theatrical event examining our ideas of gender. A reflection on what it means to be a man, and if that means anything at all. Part gig, part play and part debate, NUMB depicts the story of Joe and Alice: two siblings growing up together and breaking apart. It explores the different ways they are treated and the effect that this has on them. A playful yet sobering exploration of current male culture.


The show came as a response to the male suicide crisis in the UK, the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. The piece investigates the role of ‘masculinity’ in this.


Forum Theatre reaches a new level in this radical combination of
physical theatre, poetry and open conversation. 

Essential: Drums (male) and Guitar (female). Strong acting improvisational skills.

Desirable Skills: Devising, Physical theatre, Forum theatre experience.

Payment: Equity Fringe Minimum (£275 per week)

Deadline: 13th December 5pm

Audition: 17th/18th December.



This role/s requires the performer to play two characters and also play the electric guitar to a proficient standard. 

ANGELA - Rob's Mum, a struggling mother of 3. Angela lives on a council estate in Dagenham and is trying to deal with Rob being bullied.

SOPHIE - Joe's girlfriend who he meets him at University. Breaks up with Joe after struggling to handle his episodes of depression.

Playing age: 25 - 35

Accent: London or Eastern European.


This role/s requires the performer to play two characters and also play the drums at the beginning of the play.

JAMES - Joe's dad. Lives in Richmond but is originally from a working class background. James is trying to hold the family together, but can't find a way to bond with his son on a deeper level or support his family emotionally.

DANIEL - Aggressive older brother. Lives in Dagenham, on an estate known for its violence. He tries to persuade his younger brother Rob that the only way to stop being bullied is to bully back.

Playing age: 25 - 35

Accent: London/LME/Essex

APPLY AT: with subject header 'NUMB CASTING' with Spotlight CV and headshot to be considered.

NUMB - Casting call