eFDC Creativity award winners 2019

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‘A hypnotic and moving avalanche of text with sumptuous music and light. Go!’ - Christopher Brett Bailey

Written by poet-playwright Timotei Cobeanu, and accompanied by a searing musical soundscape by Michael Crean, If Mouth Could Speak is a poetic monologue slicing laser-deep into the brain of a young immigrant troubled by suicide.

The show will be performing at Edinburgh Fringe and previewing in several venues in May - July.

Our next date is 15th of May at 'The Cats Back', as part of Wandsworth Fringe.

NUMB is an explosive theatrical event interrogating the concept of gender. A reflection on what it means to be a man, and if it that means anything at all.

Part punk gig, part poem, part story and part interactive discussion on masculinity and gender. NUMB tells the story of Joe and Alice, two twin siblings growing up together, and explores the different ways they are treated.

NUMB was first created in 2018 and will start development again in October 2019.


Hello! We are an emerging multi-arts collective that combines new writing with eclectic forms of music, theatre and spoken word poetry.

We met on the prestigious Acting and Contemporary Theatre Course at East 15 and are also apart of the Vandenz Karta Esemble.

The company consists of Poet-Playwright Timotei Cobeanu and Musician / Director Michael Crean, with

Associate Artist and Movement Director Erika Sviderskyte.



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